The White Landscape is a boutique e-Government consultancy that re-imagines citizen’s digital and physical relationships with the government. We believe e-Government services are similar to human relationships. With a citizen-centered approach combined with robust methodology, we use the power of service design to create public service delivery experiences that your citizens would love.

e-Government Masterplan and Tender Documents

We work closely with governments to simplify e-Government. We produce simple yet actionable masterplans, we translate masterplans into actionable Expression of Interests and tender documents, and we design usable e-service prototypes to visualize outcomes. We deliver e-Government results. No frills. Justified pricing.

e-Government Project Recovery

We offer e-Government project recovery services, which identifies the best way to get derailed projects back on track. We will work closely with existing project teams to determine the corrective actions and communications required to bring the project back in line with the project cost and schedule. If the current project schedule is out of reach, we will propose a revised schedule for consideration.

E-Government Ranking Improvement Study

We offer our Ranking Improvement Study service with the aim of assisting governments to improve their ranking position. Our consultants will analyse your country’s e-Government results, propose strategies, identify visible quick-wins and create communication roadmaps to improve the ranking position and achieve its development goals to benefit its citizens.

We simplify e-Government. We make it work.

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  • Developed the National Business Portal strategy, the technical architecture, and operational plans.
  • Drafted the bidding document.
  • Mentorship to the project implementation team.


  • Advisory services on the National Smart e-ID card project.
  • Advisory services on the e-Government projects inclusive of National Data Center and National Enterprise Architecture.



  • Advisory services to the e-Government project delivery unit on the Myanmar National Portal.


  • Provide advisory services on the e-Government program inclusive of the Government Cloud.


  • Reviewed National e-ID strategy and technical plans.
  • Conducted the National e-ID workshop to key stakeholders.


  • Presented at the Smart Mongolia conference on Smart Cities.
  • Advisory services on the e-Government program inclusive of Business Analytics, Call Center integration and Enterprise Architecture.

Solomon Islands

  • Proposed an e-Government strategy in the areas of Government-to-Citizen and Government-to-Business.


  • Drafted an e-Government Public-Private Partnership strategy.


  • Presented at the Smart Rwanda conference on e-Government success cases.
  • Proposed the Smart Rwanda Enabling framework to facilitate the country’s e-transformation.



  • Conducted Business Process Re-engineering on the Haj System.
  • Proposed the e-Government strategy for Brunei e-Transformation.


  • Conducted an e-Government workshop to build capacity for public officers.


  • Proposed e-Government transformation strategies.
  • Organized the first Russia-Singapore ICT MoU signing to advance ICT-driven economic coordination between both countries.


  • Conducted e-Government workshop to facilitate capacity building.
  • Conducted and advised on e-Government Public-Private Partnership workshops.


  • Conducted an e-Government workshop to build capacity for public officers.


  • Proposed the Online Licensing e-Service to transform Bahrain’s Government-to-Business domain.


  • Conducted an e-Government feasibility assessment.


  • Conducted an e-Government feasibility assessment.


  • Conducted an e-Government workshop to facilitate capacity building for the public officers.

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